Reviving carpets and upholstery across Surrey and the surrounding areas
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About Us

Carpet Revival are a family-run business built upon an ethos of honest hard work and outstanding customer service.  Our friendly and reliable services operate from a Surrey base, but we cover all surrounding areas.


Looking after your carpets and soft furnishings is essential to looking fantastic during their lifespan. These are expensive items and like anything else, need professional care and maintenance. Using the correct products and cleaning methods  are crucial for long lasting results and freshness. Whether you want to clean your synthetic, wool or delicate fibres, we can help you restore them back to when they were new.

Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong with some cheaper carpet cleaning services if inappropriate solutions or methods are used. We are officially certified and in case of an accident we are fully insured. Cheap companies are often not trained or certified and if things go wrong the insurers may not pay out. So, why not use Carpet Revival and have total peace of mind.

Cleaning with compassion

Protecting the environment is crucial, so Carpet Revival try to avoid using harsh alkaline detergents in our cleaning. We prefer to use gentler, eco-friendly cleaning solutions relying on ‘microsplitting‘ technology to achieve the same results. Good for your carpet, good for the environment!

Clean & protect

In addition to cleaning, we can also help to protect your carpet  and upholstery from future staining.

Our stain guard for carpets will provide resistance against new spillages ‘locking on’ to the carpet fibres. This will make cleaning up easier.

Our fabric protector has similar qualities and also helps guard against skin contact areas on upholstery. These products may not be the answer to every problem, but they certainly help.